Hey. Welcome to my blog. As fellow explorer of the world of Holographic development, I’m sharing what I’ve unlocked. This blog is aimed at absolute beginners who can do Holographic development and write apps as quickly as I have without having much coding experience. My language therefore is also simple and easy to understand without throwing many tech jargons at you. Feel free to re-share, question, argue, comment, like etc ONLY if you play nice 🙂 Reach out to me at codeholo@gmail.com. I will respond asap, I promise. I’m also on Linkedin

I have to add the following DISCLAIMERS because not everyone is nice:

  • My content, views and opinions in this blog are purely mine and do not represent my current, previous or future employers
  • The whole intent of this blog is to share information and not for commercial purposes. I’m not responsible for the way the content in this blog is reused
  • I reserve the right to edit, modify, delete any comment/content for any reason whatsoever. And I can do so without prior notice to my blog readers
  • Sometimes I may refer to other interesting related blog articles, images etc. If this happens to be your work and I have not referenced your work rightly, please let me know- I will immediately remove it or reference you rightly
  • This blog disclaimer can change at any time without prior notice to the readers