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How to leave voice and text annotations?

After a long vacation, I’m finally back and eager to bring you this article on voice and…

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Changing scenes and viewing UI elements rightly in HoloLens apps

Recently I came across an interesting problem when developing a HoloLens app. I was working with changing…

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TwoHandManipulatable – part 2 of moving, scaling, rotating objects

Continuing with the example of moving, resizing and rotating objects with the BoundingBox, this article is a…

Move, resize and rotate objects
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Move, resize and rotate objects in your HoloLens apps

You must have come across the problem when you use Holograms or objects in your HoloLens apps,…

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How to use Text To Speech in your Hololens apps?

Hey! Hope you’re having an awesome Spring so far. I have been so busy with a lot…

Dictation in Hololens apps
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Use Dictation in your Hololens apps using the MR Toolkit

Sorry, I have been away for a vacation (had a break from augmented reality to actually enjoy…

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Using Gaze and Tap to select the objects of your choice

Moving on to interacting with your apps on the Hololens: The main interactions you will be needing…

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Playing videos on the Hololens apps

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Since the MovieTexture is deprecated, I have attached a VideoPlayer script which can be used…

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Using voice based interactions on the Hololens (via Speech Input Source, Speech Input Handler)

In this post, you’ll learn: 1. How to import the Mixed Reality Toolkit to your project 2….

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Getting the Mixed Reality toolkit to build even more awesome apps

Microsoft made it easier to develop Holographic apps by releasing the HoloToolkit which is a collection of…